Pure Designs Studio
Graphic Design west of Ireland


We designed a publication for Locis,  a two-year, three-country artist in residence programme where each of the three partners sent and received a leading artist from their country to work with, and mentor groups of artists from all three regions. Each group met together three to four times throughout the year culminating in an exhibition and seminar for all participants which was representative of, or became the culmination of their time together.
As well as documenting the six residencies which made up the programme, the book also contains essays by three writers, and respondents, who were asked to reflect on the residencies happening in their country and to consider the likely impacts that residencies on that nature might have on the participants involved and the wider community. In addition, three other writers – Doreen Massey, Anik See and Saša Nabergoj were invited by the three curators to write an essay on a broader topic of specific interest to the three locations.